Warm-up Songs

Here are the songs that get you ready for the perfect game or the perfect practice. You are mentally prepared. You visualize. You say your affirmations. You hold your head high while you plan your attack and overcome being nervous. You channel your nerves to high performance.

It’s easier to do this with your favorite warm-up song.


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Set your mood for human performance music, workout or game day music!
You’ve got to have an anthem or two or more.
When your life is offline, your anthem can kick your ass back online.
When your life is already online, your anthem can take you to higher places and higher performances.
Pressure is a groove when your tune is playing …
and nothing and nobody can stop you.

A year later or twenty years later, you might hear your anthem and it
will trigger a stream of emotions and memories. Sometimes you won’t know
what hit you, but you’ll know that this song rocked your world and made
you rock it back.