Katie Couric Photoshop Diet

The New York Post reports that workers at CBS quarterly publication Watch! apparently edited a recent photograph of Katie Couric to make her look about 20 pounds slimmer. The original photo was taken at Carnegie Hall in May when she appeared at a CBS ‘Upfront’ presentation.

Katie Couric was reportedly unaware of the edit.

Flashback to a little controversy in 2004 when CNN Larry King (in an interview with Katie Couric) quotes a statement by executive producer and mutual friend Wendy Whitworth.  Responding to a book quote [Katie Couric ‘may spend $7,500 a week on a personal trainer’] from the book Spin Sisters: How the Women of Media Sell Unhappiness and Liberalism to the Women of America by Myrna Blythe; Wendy says that “you [Katie Couric] wouldn’t spend $7,500 a week on anything, much less a personal trainer.”

Katie responds that ‘Wendy thinks I’m a little frugal.’

Weighing Anchor: CBS Photo Trickery Takes A Load Off ‘Slimmer’ Couric‘ in the New York Post by Don Kaplan (August 30, 2006)

CNN Transcripts March 04, 2004