Setting Up for Moblogging from Your Cellphone

You can send text messages from your cellphone to a secret moblog e-mail address on the inbox will then publish the e-mail to your folder.

1. First you need to follow the instructions on how to get or know your e-mail address from your wireless carrier.

2. Send us your wireless phone e-mail address. We have to know this address to that your secret e-mail address will accept your e-mails and publish them to your folder. Moblogging won’t work until your inbox is configured with your phone’s e-mail address.

3. As soon as you send us your phone’s e-mail address, we will send an e-mail with your secret e-mail address.

4. Create a contact and enter the secret e-mail address. Save the new contact info. Name the contact something simple, ‘My Workout.’

5. Send a test message to the new contact. Check to see that it was published.