The Exercise-Reports.com official Disclaimer will be posted soon. But, while the site is under construction, we would still like to get out some important points about exercise and safety.

Exercise is good for most people, but exercise may not be good for everyone, especially if an individual has an underlying, undetected or ignored, health problem. Exercising when you are not prepared properly or exercising excessively can cause nagging injuries, serious injuries or even death.

See a Physician, First
To avoid possible harm from physical exercise, medical and fitness experts recommend that a person see a physician for consultation before starting an exercise program — even if no apparent health problems exist.

Don’t Ignore Pain or Other Symptoms
You need to see a physician if you experience pain, numbness, dizziness, weakness, fatigue; or if you actually see or feel something (to the touch) out of the ordinary. Beware that even ‘back pain’ that you ‘live with’ could be a serious problem that is developing and becoming life threatening. Only a physician can rule out serious, even fatal conditions that might be prevented.

Websites Communicate Generally to All People
Websites don’t publish specific information that is ideal fit for one specific individual. You should never take a website communication as the FINAL WORD. The information is general information. It is your duty to apply knowledge for your specific conditions and goals and your own judgment — with the help of physicians, physical therapists, coaches, athletic trainers, and personal trainers.

Information Gets Dated
Some information stands the test of time. But other information may need an upgrade. We hope to illustrate some of the changes over the years, as we move forward in time. Some of the value of information depends on how scientific and how ‘true’ the results really are. The bottom line is that there are ‘old school’ ways to fitness, improved performance and safety and ‘new school’ methods. Some ‘old school’ practices are good and have lasted the test of time. Other training methods failed the test of time or have been replaced by better science and experience. There are also ‘new school’ ways to fitness and improved performance, and safety. Some of these practices bring great new opportunities, but others are hype, unproven and even dangerous. Our mission is to help you notice the difference and to help you learn what is good for you.