Michael Phelps Ties Mark Spitz for Most Gold Medals Won by an Athlete in a Single Olympic Game

Still image sequence of Michael Phelps who used an out-of-sync extra mini-stroke to beat Milorad Cavic of Serbia — losing after he glided in to the wall thinking he had the lead.

Michael Phelps beats Milorad Cavic by one-hundredth of a second (50.58 s) in the 100-meter butterfly. The event was the only race that Phelps did not break a world record to win the race, which was his seventh gold medal. While Phelps tied Mark Spitz with the most gold medals in a single event, Mark Spitz won all of his races with world records. Michael Phelps is favored to win his eight gold medal as he swims the butterfly leg of the 400 medley relay.