KROZ 106.7 “World Famous” Los Angeles, California

KROQ-FM [official site] is a commercial radio station located in Los Angeles, California, broadcasting on 106.7 FM to the greater Los Angeles area. KROQ-FM airs a modern rock music format branded as “106.7 K-Rock”. The call sign is pronounced “kay rock” … not “crock.”

In 2004, KROQ began broadcasting in HD Radio for a higher quality broadcast. On February 20th, 2006, KROQ added streaming music from the radio station to their website.

On June 9, 2006, KROQ launched an HD sub-carrier, KROQ HD Channel 2, which now replicates the original Roq of the Eighties format.

Personalities that Worked for KROQ Who Pushed Beyond Local Station Fame …
Shadoe Stevens was the first personality and founding program director (1973-1980) who hosted American Top 40 worldwide. Carson Daly (at KROQ in 1996) of MTV fame. Dr. Demento worked at the station when it was KPPC. Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone worked at the station when it was KPPC. Jimmy Kimmel (of ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live) was hired as sports guy/comedy writer for the Kevin and Bean morning show at KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, where he was known as “Jimmy the Sports Guy.” Kimmel spent five years at KROQ, leaving in 1999 to focus on television.

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