Group Exercise, Fitness and Sports Journal

Running clubs, cycling clubs, hiking clubs, mall walkers, and neighborhood walkers can keep track of their training partners and friends with an blog. Log your mileage, keep a photo journal (use ours or link to third party services), use Google maps (to share your routes, waypoints and highlights), share tips and much more.

You can use RSS technology so you can syndicate the articles and journal entries into your existing website or you can use for your own website — even with your own domain name.

We keep track of Web 2.0 technology that you can plug in to your journal and use to keep your training fun and motivating … and keep your group together!

Using mobile technology, such as Twitter and Google maps we can setup some pretty cool Urban Guerrilla Fitness Games such as a high tech scavenger hunt or geocache games.

Please keep in mind that photos and articles have to respect copyright laws.

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