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You hear about them on the news, in the gym and on the street. You’ve seen them on television. They are famous workouts by famous athletes, celebrities and politicians. They have an influence on what many people believe is the correct way to exercise to reach physical fitness goals. Some of it is nonsense and some of it makes sense. Now Exercise-Reports.com is tracking these workouts and reporting them by category.

Optimal human performance is all about generating forces with your muscles and safely accepting forces from your performance environment. It’s all about stabilizing those forces so that the proper muscles are doing the proper job of being either the main movers, the assistors, or the stabilizers.

Optimal human performance is also about having the energy to endure throughout your event or performance — and through the entire season. Endurance and stamina requires proper cardiovascular conditioning (specific to your sport or activity), proper nutrition, and proper rest. Musculoskeletal health requires muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle flexibility, agonist/antagonist balance and optimal muscle length-tension activation for joint stability and core stability.

Professional baseball teams/players play 162 games per season.
Professional basketball teams/players play 82 games in a season.
NCAA Division One basketball teams/players play about 37 games per season.
Professional football teams/players play 16 games per season.
NCAA Division One football teams/players play 12 games per season.

Optimal health promotion is about the proper intensity of action and safety of mechanics that prevents traumatic injuries, minimizes wear and tear on joints and muscles and promotes preservation and building of lean body mass.

Optimal health promotion is also about having regular endurance exercise that stimulates metabolism, enhances hormonal response, enhances mental faculties, and promotes cardiac protection factors.