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The digital-lifestyle section of exercisereports.com is focused on technology and human interface issues — primarily the use of sports/fitness/wellness monitoring devices, software, images, still photography, video and music for optimal human performance. The music and video sections are available for music sales and video viewing for everyone. For more information about the digital-lifestyle section, please see “Potential Members” below.

Existing Members:
If you do not see your Project or Product folder in the left column, please log-in. The folder path is exercise-reports.com:Digital-Lifestyle:Projects:your project name. The digital-lifestyle section is your project management center for your project.

Potential Members:
Digital-Lifestyle.com is “designed control” of information for entertainment, your personal life, and your work life. If your digital-lifestyle is running smoothly, you spend less time with obstructions and more time doing … and more time being creative. That means more time to spend with people … more time to enjoy life … more energy left for quality human performance. For more information, see digital-lifestyle.com.

This Digital Lifestyle section focuses on design information and support for technology products and technology projects with human performance, human-machine interface, human satisfaction, human safety and wellness as priorities. Projects are defined in planning phases and members are invited to collaborate work on their projects in this digital-lifestyle section.

Projects have private folders that are viewable with a user name and password. The folders are used for project goals, timelines, error reports, file storage, temporary file storage and collaborative work. Some projects are not primarily fitness-related (for example, graphic arts design for web banners). However, the principles of human interface and fitness apply to all project action plans for optimal results in project completion.

Products frequently considered, evaluated and supported include computers, software, PDA’s, exercise equipment, heart rate monitors, GPS devices, rehabilitation equipment, and entertainment products (digital music players, television) for use in work life, personal life, home gyms, public fitness centers and mobile situations. Other products may also be included for product testing, training, and human factors analysis.

Projects frequently considered, managed and supported include websites, blogs, web applications, marketing, promotions and advertising, publishing/communications, personal technology and human performance enhancement for work, home, recreation and sports.

Exercise-Reports.com manages and controls product use and project success by defining goals and objectives, developing and action plan, logging project updates, technology instructions, incidents and trouble tickets for technology training, human/technology errors, and failures of software, equipment, network or software.

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