Exercisereports.com is an online exercise journal for exercise, fitness, safety, ergonomics (human factors) and wellness information. It is the coordinating site for personal exercise journals or “workout blogs” of many individuals around the world.

For more information about the website, see the “ABOUT‘ section for exercisereports.com.

Explore the site. You will find news articles, research articles, tools, calculators and more.

The “19 Features” section is under development. The “19 Features” contains articles in the spotlight from various categories of exercisereports.com. Up to ten muscles will always be featured (usually from the Top 10 Muscles section or the Top 20 Muscles section).

The featured articles of “19 Features” are visible as the sliding images on the home page of exercisereports.com. A click on the image will bring you to the respective article. Enjoy exercisereports.com and stay informed and keep working out.

Please note that the website is migrating to new host and format in January 2009. Please “Pardon our Dust.”

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