Musicians experience a variety of physical and mental stress during their work.  Performance anxiety, physical stress, mental stress, long hours of practice, time management conflicts, cumulative trauma from repetitive stress injuries, and traumatic injuries from stage performances and practices are important threats to the vitality of musicians.

In addition, short term illness, such as upper respiratory infections or stomach flu can negatively affect hearing perception, sound output quality and performance energy.

A wellness and fitness program for musicians focuses on proper technique, appropriate exertion intensities to enhance the body as an instrument or to optimize the human-instrument interface to prevent injury and strain.

Cardiovascular endurance can definitely help with breath control and energy for singers and instruments that utilize breath control.

Possible injuries to musicians include the following:

Vocal chord strain (singers)

Pharyngocele (e.g., trumpet)

Carpal tunnel syndrome (drummers, pianists)

Hand pain, tendinitis, blisters, calluses (guitarists)

Knee injuries (stage performers that include dance in their performance)

Back injuries (stage performers that include dance in their performance)

Hearing loss

Rigorous traveling can make it difficult to eat healthy foods that promote weight control and longevity. Drug abuse is also a common threat to performers.