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According to CTB Institute, The Coaching the Body approach combines efficient techniques from traditional bodywork and osteopathy with a state of the art understanding of trigger point therapy. Learn to understand and treat pain with incredible effectiveness at its true origins.

According to the CTB Institute official website, Thai Bodywork was founded by Chuck Duff in 2001 in Evanston, IL, when Chuck began offering Thai massage workshops in addition to his private practice. The school has grown steadily since that time, and now offers more than 30 workshops per year. Chuck’s focus on the therapeutic benefits of Thai massage led him to develop Coaching The Body as a modality and he taught the first CTB course in 2005.

therapeutic touching or manipulation of the body by using specialized techniques

— Merriam-Webster

The CTB Institute states the Thai Bodywork school is now the only school anywhere that offers not only a full repertoire of Thai bodywork techniques, but an in-depth understanding of the muscular effects of each technique integrated with professional training in trigger point therapy.