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Process of Success Biceps Brachii Biceps Femoris Semimembranosus Triceps Brachii

Process of Success

Show me your goals. We'll align your practical, real world goals with physiological goals that help your mind, body and soul. Then, we'll have a plan.

Biceps Brachii

Biceps brachii flexes the elbow and raises the arm at the shoulder joint. The Biceps Brachii is the largest and primary muscle of the front of the upper arm ...

Biceps Femoris

The Biceps Femoris muscle shapes the lateral part of the hamstring muscles and causes knee flexion, which brings the lower leg up at the knee joint ...



Article in development ... The Semimembranosus muscle shapes the medial part of the hamstring muscles.

Triceps Brachii

Triceps Brachii

The Triceps Brachii muscle shapes the lateral part of the upper arm and causes elbow extension, which which straightens the arm at the elbow ...

Peroneal Tendon Injury Selections from the National Library of Medicine

Peroneal Tendon Injury
Baumhauer JF, Nawoczenski DA, DiGiovanni BF, Flemister AS. Ankle
pain and peroneal tendon pathology
. Clin Sports …

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Models Workouts

Welcome to workouts for models. Models tend to work long hours and are often on calorie-restricted diets. They frequently experience rigorous schedules, travel requirements, and sometimes work in stressful environments with temperature extremes. It is not all paradise.

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Franco Columbo Jay Cutler Lou Ferigno Arnold Schwarzenegger More coming soon … Bodybuilding is the process of maximizing lean muscle growth or hypertrophy and losing fat tissue through a combination of weight training (mostly) cardiovascular training, proper caloric intake (quality, timing, ratio of macronutrients, supplementation), and sleeps and rest. Bodybuilding is usually practiced for any […]

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Special Populations Notes — Modified Physiological Systems

Exercise has many benefits in preventing illnesses and injuries. But what about those people who have a modified physiological system (MPS) because they have experienced an accident or illness? Or because they are pregnant? How does exercise affect those individuals? Does exercise still help those people? The Exercise-Reports.com Special Populations section is dedicated to documenting […]

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Precautions During Cold and Flu

Colds and flu alter your physiology, which can make you vulnerable to secondary problems.

Coughing and sneezing  increases intradisc pressure. …

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Regarding the trip to Rome for the funeral of Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton was asked about his first flight aboard Air Force One since the end of his presidency: “I never thought I’d be on this plane again – I had a good time. They have turkey burgers too, which they didn’t have […]

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Exercise-Reports.com Support

Welcome to Exercise-Reports.com Support Section Exercise-Reports.com is the marketing and introduction section of online exercise, fitness, sports medicine and wellness information for individuals and teams. Check Exercise-Reports.com for an overview of the website description for exercisereports.com and an introduction to using exercisereports.com for online personal training or as an online workout journal. For a definition […]

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Exercise-Reports.com Reference

There are many ways to exercise; but, how do you know which way is the right way? What is the right thing to eat? When is the best time to eat or workout? What is the best exercise for my goals? Is that exercise safe? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you […]

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Obesity Overview

Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat that results in the impairment of health and the impairment of body function. According to the 2005 Yankelovich Preventative Healthcare Study, almost 75 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Only about one-third of Americans are actively attempting to correct personal overweight conditions. Obese Americans are […]

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Exercise-Reports.com News Overview

Check this section for the following updates: Health/Fitness news, tracks medical research and epidemiological discoveries related to behavior and health in diet and exercise. Also look for articles about the relationship of diet and exercise to special populations. Injury Watch tracks significant sports or activity injuries that are in the news. Media Programs lists online […]

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Skeleton Injury Map